Cyber Secure Car Conference 2016, Munich Germany

This is a special blog post this week coming all the way from the 2016 Cyber Secure Car Conference in Munich, Germany. I was honored to have been invited to speak on hacking connected and autonomous vehicles via GSM, and what a great conference it was! This conference was the largest gathering of thought leaders in the connected car and autonomous vehicle industry from around the world, including some of the worlds largest OEMs and security researchers from Europe, the United States, and Japan.

Some of the more interesting presentations included empirical data from over the past year of IoT honeypots from Koji Nakao, Research Executive Director, Cybersecurity Research Center Network Security Research Institute (NICT) who unveiled startling statistics on the rise in malware attacking IoT devices, including automated parking management systems and smart home electronics.

Mr. Micah Rave, Director of Product Management for Cyber Security and Virtualization spoke about RedBend, the recent acquisition by Harman that has been innovating technology in”Over the Air” (OTA) updates to connected automobiles via the car’s head unit. Micah proposed different security architecture designs, including the idea of moving the OTA agent for RedBend to the automobile’s gateway for a reduced attack surface.

My presentation (now available here as a Prezi) was on leveraging rogue base stations to perform man-in-the-middle attacks against connected automobiles using software defined radios (SDRs) like the BladeRF. The video of my presentation and the panel discussions I participated on are available on our YouTube channel.

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Alissa Knight is the Group Managing Partner of Brier & Thorn, Inc. and Senior Partner of its global subsidiaries in international markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Alissa has a passion for helping clients secure their most valuable assets; the ideas they bring to market that change the ways in which we work, live, and play. A proven leader with deep domain knowledge in developing strong client relationships, she builds outstanding global teams and partnerships, bringing a disciplined focus to operations and execution. Alissa leads the delivery of IT risk management services to the global marketplace; creating the service roadmap for Brier & Thorn's portfolio of IT risk management projects and managed security services delivered from its global network of Security Operations Centers.

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